requires FTP for installation

Zen Cart 1.3.x

MailBeez works with Zen Cart v1.3.8 and v1.3.9x, running on php 5.3+

The installation is straight forward and can be done in a couple of minutes by following these steps:

  • copy new files
  • install MailBeez

MailBeez maintains its own tables – the shopping cart's existing tables remain as they are... unchanged.

Step 1 – copy new files

If not done yet please download and unzip the installer package (.zip) on your computer: Download

In the mailbeez_installer-v3.xx fileset, navigate to catalog > admin, then copy the following file to your Zen-Cart admin-directory.


In the mailbeez_installer-v3.xx fileset, navigate to the catalog folder, then copy the following file and folder to your root Zen Cart directory (where your index.php is located).

mailhive (folder)

In the mailbeez_installer-v3.xx fileset, navigate to extras_zencart > zencart_1.3.x > admin, then copy/merge its contents into your Zen Cart admin-directory.

Step 2 – install MailBeez

Log in to your Zen Cart administration panel. From the navigation bar, select Tools > MailBeez. Then, click the “Install” button.

Adaption of Zen Cart

changes to your .htaccess rewrite rules

Please add following condition

# Don't rewrite MailBeez directory
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} !^/mailhive [NC]

as a new line above

# Handle all other URIs using Zen Cart (its index.php)

Fix the email function

The Zen Cart email function is peculiar when sending custom emails, and you may experience some minor issues when sending MailBeez generated emails through Zen Cart. See FAQ:

Please see Zen Cart FAQ for more details

Quick Solution: configure a SMTP Email Server in MailBeez > Configuration > Email Engine. This will bypass the Zen Cart email function and give MailBeez full control for sending emails.

If would like MailBeez to use its own template system to generate MailBeez email (recommended), rather than integrating with and using Zen Cart’s email template system to generate MailBeez email (default), please do the following:

  1. Using your FTP program, download includes/functions/functions_email.php from your server to your local drive (i.e. your computer)
  2. Using a text editing program such as Notepad or Notepad++, find this line of code:

$email_html = zen_build_html_email_from_template($module, $block);

  1. And change it as described on:

This code change tells Zen Cart to check if the content contains a valid html tag, and if not, applies the Zen Cart template system.

Run Installation

Just click on the new menu item to open the MailBeez Installer:

MailBeez Admin

The installer guides you through the process and stops if there are any issues.

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