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Advanced Module

Setting up the main template

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MailBeez generates all Emails based on a common main template and a module body template. In this tutorial you can learn, how to edit the common main template.

Common Main-Template

Module specific template
Placeholder {$body}

productlist template
Placeholder e.g. {$list_engine.productlist}

The visual editor comes with any Pro subscription and allows you to edit the common main template ( the "stationery" which any module prints its text on) in a compfortable and visual way.

You can open the main template

MailBeez > configuration > Template Manager > Edit common main template

for editing in the visual editor

On the right hand site you find the button select Layout-Template to import a template. Please select "responsive Email" to import the latest version of the mobile-friendly main template.

With clicking on edit styling the configuration of the layout settings opens up. As responsive (Mobile-friendly) emails utilized two different header images - one for the desktop version and the other for the mobile-version - you can configure tow header images. All entries with @480 are used for mobile-version with 480px or less width.

You can easily edit the company information in the footer - just click on this area and adopt the text.

You can easily edit menu in the top of the email - just click on this area and adopt the text.

In the top area of the editor you find Buttons like "320px", "480px" - they allow you to test how the emails will reformat on e.g. mobile devices. If you find issues with the email to adopt to the width very likely there is an element (e.g. an images) with a fixed width-setting. In this case use "100%" as width. Also long links can cause issues - try to shorten the linked text.

As soon as you are happy with the changes, try the "mobil" preview - in the upper right area you find a Button "mobil" which allows you to select a module template (e.g. birthday greetings) for the devices preview.

Thanks to the "send test-email" feature you can easily send an email with some test-content for a quick layout check to any email address.

To reduce the risk of spam ratings and to support older email clients you can configure a text version. With click on button "TXTMODE" an editor for the text-version opens and allows you to automatically generate a text version you afterwards can tweak.

You are happy with your work? Then it is a good idea to save your work as a template. On the right hand site you find a button save as Layout Template. Just click on this button, enter a name for the template and save it. At any time you can restore this version by select Layout-Template > User.

The "Nerd-Mode" allows you to edit the code of the main template. You have full access to the code and experts can perform complex customizations - but handle with care: you easliy can tweak your template in a way, which causes unwanted results in the different email clients (e.g. Outlook is quite picky).

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