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The Beez-O-Graph

Delivered with the free MailBeez framework software, the Beez-O-Graph is a powerful widget with an intuitive graph display that provides you with a visual report of your daily MailBeez Analytics data, such as number of emails sent, number of emails opened, number of email links clicked, number of products ordered as a result of your emails, and number of customer opt-outs.

By default, it displays 30 days worth of data, but this number of days can be changed in the Beez-O-Graph configuration settings.

When MailBeez is first installed, there won’t be a graph displayed by this widget because there has been no data tracked and therefore nothing to display. Once you get your MailBeez email campaigns up and running, this widget will be populated with data in no time at all!

Make sure you try to click every item to dive into more detailed data!

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