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MailBeez Analytics Configuration

MailBeez Analytics the Analytics System of the MailBeez platform and allows you to measure the success of your MailBeez Emails.

The Measurement utilizes following techniques:


an email counts as opened when one of the following events occurred:

  • loading of the tracking pixel (requires the customers email client is loading images of the HTML-version)
  • click on a link in the email towards the shopsystem
  • placing an order using the unique personalized coupon from the email

The tracking image uses a high-performance call to minimize server load: each opening is logged into a log-file. With every run of MailHive the server handler is importing the log file into the MailBeez Tracking Database. Afterwards the log file is deleted. This will cause a delay between the actual events of opening an email and beeing able to see the current open rates


an email counts as clicked when the following events occurred:

  • click on a link towards the shopsystem in the email


An order counts as referred by email, when one of the following conditions are met:

  • order folling a klick on a link
  • placing an order using the unique personalized coupon from the email

open / clicks on copy-to emails are not counted as these emails are separate emails with a different message-id. so only open / click actions of the real recipients are counted.

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