OK - this module is fully compatible
Please check you have a compatible coupon system installed
NOT OK - this module is not compatible at all

Gambio GX2/GX3/GX4
Modified-Shop 1.x/2.x/3.x
Zencart 1.3.x/1.5.x
osCommerce 2.x API V2
MailBeez Email Modules
Review Reminder Advanced - Autologin
Winback Advanced
Abandoned Cart
No Purchase Advanced
Review Reward Coupon
anniversary Coupon
Birthday Coupon
Coupon Expiry Reminder
Coupon Referral Honey
Reorder Advanced
Backorder Notification
Order Status Update Notification
Shoprating Invitation Advanced
Payment: Invoice Dunning
Payment: In advance Dunning
Shoprating Review Reward Coupon
Shopauskunft Review Reward Coupon Advanced
Trustpilot Advanced - Unique Links Edition
Trustpilot Advanced Advanced
Google Reviews Advanced
Idealo Advanced Advanced
Newsletter Advanced
Trustedshops Advanced
Shopper Approved Advanced
Service-Module: Repair Orders DB
Numinix Store Credit: Review Rewards
Numinix Store Credit: Balance Reminder
Welcome Email
Shoprating Invite
Winback Simple
Review Simple
Nopurchase Simple
The Feedback Company
Share Review on Facebook
ZC Testimonials Reminder Simple
Service: DataBase Optimize
SiteBeez Modules
Newsletter Registration
Filter & Helper Modules
Simple Throttling
Pattern Blacklist
Daily Limit
Extended Customer Information
Customer Group Filter
Add Gender
Add Shopauskunft Ratings to Emails
Add ShopperApproved Ratings to Emails
Add ShopRatings to Emails
Add Trustpilot Ratings
Add Trustedshops Ratings
Numinix Store Credit: Display Balance
Content Integration Suite
Add Profiling Data
Content Integration Suite
Controll modules by Profile-Tags
[Zen Cart] Check Customer Authorization
[Modified] New Invoicenumber
Configuration Modules
GDPR Consent
Editor configuration
Multilanguage Extension with Template Manager
Run MailBeez automatically
Module Timing
Advanced Opt-Out with Admin
Email Web-view and Archive
BounceHive Bounce Handling
Account aggregation
BeezDesk CRM Integration
MailBeez Copyright Remover Certificate
Configuration Modules - Common Services
List Engine
Social Sharing
Editor and Image Engine
Coupon Engine
Profiling Engine
Content Engine
Configuration Modules - Integrations
Idealo Integration Suite
Shopauskunft Integration Suite
Trustedshops Integration Suite
ShopperApproved Integration Suite
Trustpilot Integration Suite Integration
MailChimp Integration

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