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Email Tracking Report

you can open this report directly from your MailBeez Dashboard when clicking on the legend of the "Beez-O-Graph" widget - you will see the filtered data.

MailBeez tracks every email it sends out. This tracking data is used to cross-check a module’s email against the customers, thereby preventing the same customer from receiving the same email more than once.

Delivered with the MailBeez framework software, this report helps you to understand which emails have been sent to which customers by displaying the data broken down by module.

The report will even tell you which mode you were in when the email was sent:

  • PROD: MailBeez was executed in Production Mode
  • [SIM]: MailBeez was executed in Simulation Mode

Email tracking & reporting only works in simulation mode when configured properly. Please go to Configuration tab > Simulation > ”Edit” > Enable Tracking in Simulation Mode and set it to “True”.

To delete the opt-out data collected while in simulation mode, click the Simulation “Restart” button.

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