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Improve Customer Engagement & increase Revenue

Your customers are your most valuable asset

New customer acquisition is expensive and for many shopowners a customer is of great interest - as long as he or she has not yet purchased. Thereafter, customers are quickly forgotten and left alone with their purchased products - but also with their additional potential revenue.

With automatized MailBeez Email Marketing you can reach out to your customers automatically with individually configurable sequences of natural contact points. With continuous contact care single purchase customers can turn into loyal regular customers.

Simple but powerful

The right email for the right customer at the right time

See how MailBeez will help you to improve customer engagement and increase revenue by reaching out to your customers with an intelligent sequence of personalized emails!
MailBeez analyses ongoing the database of your Store
...sends personalized emails every day

...which brings your customers back into your store!

Up to 30% Increase in Revenue

thanks to the continuous contact with personalized emails more customers will remember your store - instead of starting with a google search they are more likely to order at your store again. Easy to monitor with the integrated analytics features!

See some Real-world examples

More Reviews

You can expect 5-10% of your customers to write valuable store- and product reviews - simply use MailBeez to ask them! This interaction also recalls your store brand so your customers are more likely to remember you

Many ready-to-run campaigns

Ask for product reviews, birthday greetings, winback emails, segmented newsletters, payment dunning... you will find a large number of ready-to-run email marketing campaigns and email automation modules as part of the MailBeez system

Personalised Coupons

MailBeez automatically generates personalized coupons which expired e.g. 14 days and can be redeemed only once. So you will keep control on your discounts

Timemachine integrated

MailBeez is able to look back into the past - So you can immediately start to reactivate inactive customers. Of course you have full control on the timeframe!

Fully automatized

Once installed and configured you can switch MailBeez to auto-pilot! Lean back and watch how the system works for you

"Great Software, even better support"

What do MailBeez users say?

TrustScore 5 of 5

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Features rich pro-plans

for stores of any size


for small stores with up to
2000 Customers

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for medium sized stores with up to
20.000 Customers

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for large stores with up to
500k Customers

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Version 4.8023 updated 14. Jul. 2024
Changelog | Documentation
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Seamlessly integrated into your Store

No need to export any data

compatible Shopsystems

MailBeez integrates seamlessly into the underlying Shop system. That allows MailBeez to access all available information without the need to export data. So you keep your data where they are and still MailBeez is able to do some pretty intelligent stuff.

Intelligent Email Modules

a short selection of the intelligent MailBeez Email Modules

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Abandoned Carts

Follow up on existing customers with open carts with a configurable sequence of Emails - embedded into your MailBeez marketing strategy

Ask for Product Reviews with auto-login

Product ratings are an important tool for store owners to increase conversion - with the benefit of positive SEO impact

Winback Advanced

With enrolling a configurable sequence of emails you can reactive your customers. Personalized coupons generate a sense of urgency so conversion increases!

Nopurchase Advanced

Customers register but do not place an order? This module follows up with a configurable sequence including personalized coupons

Welcome Email

Send a stylish welcome email to your customers - customize to your needs and add nice content

Birthday Greetings with Coupon

Birthday Greetings are a great way to touchbase with your customers - add a personalized coupon for best conversion!

Re-order coupon

Shortly after an order is a good point of time to offer some personalized discount for the next order! With many configuration options to adopt to your business

Segmented Newsletters

Much more than a list based newsletter system: Send highly targeted emails based on powerfull segmentation rules!

Impressive Featureset

a selection of the most important basic features

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GDPR Ready

No data needs to be exported, all stays within your Store Database. DSGVO Tools are included to meet the GDPR requirements.

Responsive Emails

Responsive Emails adopt to the screen size of the device. On a notebook they look like a "normal" Email, while on mobile device they adopt to the screen size

Intuitiv visual Template Editor

Without any HTMP Knowledge you can edit the email template right within your MailBeez System

Multi-language Emails

All languages configured in your store are supported. That allows you to communicate with your customers in their native tongue.

Email Archive and web-view

All Mailbeez generated emails will automatically get archived and can be accessed with the customer data.

Cloud Updates

Hasslefree updates directly from within the MailBeez System

MailBeez Analytics

Analyse Open-, Click- and Order-behaviour. Summary of generated revenue

Google Analytics

Integrated Google Analytics to analyze clicks and orders. Summary of tracked revenue

Email delivery

You decide how to delivery the MailBeez Emails

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the store's Email function

By default MailBeez utilizes the store's email function - no configuration necessary.

MailBeez.Email (recommended)

Achieve best delivery rates with utilizing the MailBeez.Email server. We are happy to assist with the configuration!


In MailBeez you can configure any SMTP server the system should use

Integrations with Storerating Portals

get more reviews with MailBeez

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The Feedback Company
Google Reviews

Analytics Platforms

Measure the success of MailBeez - as you like

Complementary to the MailBeez Analytics System you can connect the analytics system of your choice

Google Analytics


extend the MailBeez platform


Improve Customer Support
Increase Revenue
Reduce Workload
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MailBeez Bigdata

Intelligent BigData Product-Recommendations in your Shop, in MailBeez Emails and in BeezDesk
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Safely send Marketing Emails to customers in Austria
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Version 4.8023 updated 14. Jul. 2024
Changelog | Documentation
I prefer to work with experts and

I want to
get MailBeez installed

The MailBeez Guarantee:
It pays off or 6 months for free
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The MailBeez System will be installed, configured and set into production

About MailBeez

intelligent solutions for small and medium size online businesses

Cord F. Rosted
CEO & MailBeez Guru
Since 2010 MailBeez delivers intelligent solutions for small and medium size online businesses
previously only available for enterprise scale companies


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