Improve Data Quality in your Store

For eCommerce Stores, all your business-processes and decisions rely on your data about your customers! The MailBeez Data Quality Service allows you to discover, cleanse, de-duplicate and improve your customer data.

Why data quality is important

With poor data quality, you can only guess at the answers to quality questions

Questions that determine your data quality:

  • how many unique customers do I have?
  • how many customers have multiple accounts?
  • how many active customers do I have, and how many abandoned accounts?

Poor data quality has an impact on many areas in your business

Typical issues caused by poor data quality:

  • operational: finding the "right" customer account
  • sales: how many customers do we have? How many and what percentage are existing customers?
  • marketing: how to avoid sending the same / different engagement emails to the same person?

Marketing consultants like Sirius Decisions have identified improvement of data quality as an important factor to increase revenue: "An organization with a strong commitment to data quality can produce nearly 70% more revenue than a company with only average data-quality procedures."

How the MailBeez DataQuality Service can help you

The service tasks performed will help you:

  • automatically de-duplicate guest accounts
  • identify potential duplicated customer accounts
  • recreate accounts for orphan orders
  • identify and clean abandoned accounts
  • ongoing data quality optimisation

After we have performed and automated tasks to improve the data quality in your store, you can expect following benefits:


  • per unique customer, one unique account (even for guest orders)
  • all activities collected into one unique account
  • ability to run high quality, segmented campaigns using e.g. MailBeez Newsletter Advanced
  • improved reporting

Sound interesting?

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