The information on this page does not replace legal advice. Please inform yourself about the details of the GDPR.

How can MailBeez users comply with the GDPR

On this page we collect information supporting MailBeez users to comply with GDPR.

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MailBeez runs 100% integrated into the store system on the store server, no data is exported.
Thus, according to current knowledge no Data-Processing-Agreement is required.

When using an external email delivery service provider, a data processing contract with this service provider may be required. The actual email delivery is not affected by the current state of knowledge of GDPR.

MailBeez Data processing within the shop system

MailBeez accesses the data available in the shop system and administers its own data - everything remains on the server of the shop system .

The GDPR Export System allows you to comply with the requirement to export all stored customers on request.

B2C: MailBeez and the store's customers


To current knowledge GDPR does not touch the local rules that allow store owners to send emails to their customers w/o explicit consent (see legal information ).

However in some regions like germany asking customers e.g. to write a product review by email is classified as marketing and requires an explicit consent.

The Pro Addon GDPR Consent allows you to request consent and use this information to control which emails are sent.

B2B: MailBeez and Shop Operator

Of course, here at MailBeez we comply with GDPR:

When registering on, the minimum data such as the full name and email address of the MailBeez customer are saved. When booking a paid plan further minimum information such as address, company name are requested and stored. During the payment process this data is transferred to the partner system Avangate / 2Checkout for pre-filling of the payment form.