Recover Carts with a fresh approach

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The Newsletter Pro module now offers a new list source "Abandoned carts" which - surprise! - finds customers with abandoned shopping carts.

So far nothing new, as it does already work with Abandoned Carts Advanced? Exactly, this module is quickly configured and ready for use, but has inherent limitations.

After creating a new list with the source "Abandoned Carts" under MailBeez Module > Newsletter Pro > Lists, the segmentation configuration dialog shows a new section for narrowing by cart activity and content:


In addition to the segmentation according to the last activity and the products in the shopping cart, the already known, powerful segmentation rules such as geographic, demographic data and purchasing behavior (products, number of orders, etc.) can be applied as well!

Thus, almost any target group sequences with high relevance can be automated, here are some examples:

  • Customer has placed product A but not B in the shopping cart: start email sequence to present the advantages of product B
  • Depending on the customer group, different sequences with different voucher values
  • Different sequences in depending on the number of previous orders

And as in every MailBeez email, all live content elements can also be used here to enhance the content with automatically generated, personalized product recommendations from configured cross-sell products, current special offers, etc .

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