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In the current version of MailBeez, the evaluation in MailBeez Analytics Profi now shows the sales per email for each module/campaign.


Why is this important? Irrelevant (= badly converting) e-mails will in the foreseeable future scare away the recipients and lead to cancellations. It is therefore important to monitor which emails convert well.

The emails of the generic MailBeez modules all have a high relevance (= up to several euros in sales / email), as they are typically aimed at a defined point in time within the customer journey.

In contrast, with traditional newsletters to all customers - which can also be sent via MailBeez - a significantly lower conversion (often less than 0.10 EUR / email) can typically be observed. Therefore, these should be sent only with low frequency.

However, you can use segmentations - e.g. products bought or not bought, time frame of the last order, etc. - to significantly increase the relevance**, and thus the conversion, even of traditional newsletters and ideally also automate them.

Ideas for automating relevant newsletters:

  • Customer buys a care product, 5 days after purchase a 3-part adviser series is started, which provides step-by-step short emails with tips on application as well as supplementary products
  • Customer bought a product 2 years ago, now there is a significantly improved version - so send all buyers an email with Presentation of the new version after 2 years at the latest.

With MailBeez, the sending of highly relevant retargeting emails as well as newsletters can be optimized and automated.

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