New Segmentation Rule: Birthdate range

With the new segmentation option "Birthday Range", newsletters can be automated depending on the customer's date of birth.


This can be used, for example, to inform customers about items for the upcoming birthday party in 30 days. By combining it with other segmentation options, such as purchased or not yet purchased products, you can reach specific customer segments.

With the function for creating "follow-up emails", a highly relevant, personalized email sequence can be automated quickly and easily.

And with the "Happy Birthday" module, customers can be congratulated on their actual birthday!

New source: Customers without a newsletter opt-in


All customers with a purchase relationship may be contacted in compliance with the exception regulations (valid for regions Germany, Austria) - so why do you then even need the (superfluous) registration for the newsletter from customers?

With this new source, you can use the newsletter subscription status for different scenarios:

VIP Club

How about using the newsletter signup for a "VIP Club" and then message those recipients separately with special offers?

With a list "VIP Club" (source: all customers with NL registration) VIP offers can then be sent to interested customers.

And with the help of the "Customers without a VIP club" list (source: Customers without a newsletter opt-in), all other customers can then continue to be contacted with e.g. seasonal newsletters.

Different transmission frequency

Even without "VIP Club" there is the possibility to vary the sending frequency, e.g. customers with a newsletter subscription receive a newsletter every 2 weeks, while all other customers only receive one newsletter per quarter. And of course the automated retargeting emails, e.g. to win back customers

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