Check Now: Starting February 2024, Google Tightens Email Sender Requirements to Combat Spam and Secure Email Communication.

Blog: New Gmail Protections for a Safer, Less Spammy Inbox

As of February 1st, Gmail Requires Bulk Senders:

  • Authentication of emails via DMARC Auth
  • an easy unsubscribe option via header link
  • compliance with a Spam report threshold (relevant content)

Non-compliance with the new Gmail requirements can lead to your emails being blocked!

These measures aim to make email delivery more reliable and offer recipients a safer and less spam-filled inbox. It's important for shop owners to familiarize themselves with these new requirements and ensure that their email delivery complies with these standards to maintain efficient and secure communication with their customers.

MailBeez V4.8.7+ meets the requirements for delivery methods "SMTP" and "MailBeez.Email" in conjunction with the correct DMARC settings. The "Shop" delivery method is recommended only for low volumes.

If shop owners do not implement Gmail's new requirements, it may lead to problems. The shop's emails are more likely to be classified as spam or even completely rejected. Therefore, it's crucial to adapt to the new standards to ensure effective and secure email communication.

ATTENTION: Check Configuration!

MailBeez offers users the choice of how the generated emails are sent. By default, the delivery is set up with "Shop" via the email function of the shop system.

Delivery via Shop Mail Function Does Not Meet Requirements

The "Shop" delivery method, as of the current state of shop systems, does not meet the requirements because it uses the email function of the shop system, and the necessary requirements have not been implemented there yet.

Gmail-Compliant Email Delivery with MailBeez

To meet Gmail's requirements with MailBeez, please configure the delivery via "SMTP" or "MailBeez.Email" under MailBeez > Configuration > Email-System.

Delivery via SMTP

When setting up SMTP, you need to ensure that the SMTP server correctly identifies itself with DMARC Authentication. Please check with your SMTP server provider - typically your host - to see if it is designed for bulk email sending.

Delivery via MailBeez.Email

Reliable Email Delivery with MailBeez.Email: Learn More

MailBeez users who send emails through our "MailBeez.Email" service are on the safe side. Our mail servers are certified for bulk mailing, and during setup, we ensure the correct DMARC Auth settings are in place.


We assist with the configuration and ensure the mail server functions reliably. DMARC Authorization can be tested at any time via a personal link, and we proactively notify users of any issues.

Reliable Email Delivery with MailBeez.Email: Learn More

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