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Advanced Module - Version 4.1 updated 14. Feb. 2022

Abandoned Cart

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Target abandoned carts for existing customers - effective and fully automatized embedded into the MailBeez Marketing strategy.

New customer, which signed up, but never order can be followed up with No Purchase Advanced.

Most important Features

  • Finds and contacts customers with open carts
  • Fully automated customer contact – just set and forget
  • Time delay configurable multi-step emailing
  • With each step you optionally can provide a tempting coupon

With a configurable sequence of emails you can reminder you existing customers of items left in their cart - waiting to get ordered.

The modules Winback Advanced and Reorder Advanced check for empty carts (configurable) to avoid overlapping campaigns: Customers with products in their carts will not receive these types of emails.


Together with No Purchase Advanced you can distinguish between customers w/o purchase and empty cart and customer w/o purchase but items in cart. To achieve this please deactivate the option Check for previous Orders and in No Purchase Advanced activate the option Check For Empty Customer Basket.
With these settings the module No Purchase Advanced will only target potential customers with empty cart, while "Abandoned Cart Advanced" will follow up on any customer with products in cart.

Take a look at some more great features

Powerful campaigns to convert abandoned carts.

This module generates fully configurable individual coupons – great to create a sense of urgency and also follow-up before expiry date (see also: Coupon Expiry Reminder).

Providing standard coupon codes is a broad sword approach which can leave you open to an unwanted viral effect if your coupon gets posted around the internet. To neatly avoid this pitfall, the automatically created personalized coupons are making it impossible for other customers to use the same code and benefit from the offer.

Part of the MailBeez System

All MailBeez modules work together seamlessly and can access the powerful features of the MailBeez system:

Make Hello, Hola – prepared for fully localization

For stores selling internationally, MailBeez provides serious adaptability, giving you the tools to fully localize the emails. (requires Multilanguage Extension with Template Manager)

Easier Testing

The function for sending test emails allows you to check all email templates quickly and easily. And the simulation mode allows you to test in advance which emails would be sent to your customers once you switch into production mode.

Responsive Emails

responsive EmailsIn combination with the responsive template manager you are able to select a responsive email template for this module and adopt it to your design.
You can edit the text without any knowledge of html thanks to the visual editor. What are responsive Emails?

This module is compatible with following shop systems

Gambio GX2/GX3/GX4

Modified-Shop 1.x/2.x

ZenCart 1.3.x/1.5.x

osCommerce 2.x coupon system required API V2




    • PHP7.4 refactoring
    • Support for 4.0 Core Framework



    • PHP7.2 refactoring
    • Upgrade to 4.0 Pro Framework



    • more efficient data processing
    • fixed sql issue



    • german: warning for setting "Auf vorherige Bestellungen prüfen?"
    • fixed sql issue



    • initial version

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