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The Nopurchase-O-Meter

Delivered with the free MailBeez framework software, the Nopurchase-O-Meter is a powerful dashboard widget that lets you know how many customers with no prior purchases were converted into purchasing customers as a result of your Mailbeez Nopurchase email campaign.

Configuration Options

By default, it tracks & displays results for 30 days worth of data, but this number of days can be changed in the Nopurchase-O-Meter configuration settings.

Additionally, you can configure your conversion goals based on your industry standards, product demand, and customer conversion patterns. The number you enter into this configuration setting is the percentage of conversions you hope to achieve in relation to the number of Nopurchase emails sent. This setting has a direct impact on the behavior of the widget’s success measurement needle, so you’ll want to make this goal a reasonable one.

Setting Review Goals

When MailBeez is first installed, the widget will show you that your customer conversion rate is in the “orange zone”, because it doesn’t take into account any customer conversions that took place prior to installation. Once you start running your Nopurchase campaign and give it some time, you should see the needle start to rise so long as your conversion goal is reasonable.

For example, if you set the percentage to 100, your widget will always be in the “orange zone” because this is a lofty and possibly unattainable goal. Start small and set your goals higher as the smaller ones are attained.

Get More Conversions With Nopurchase Advanced

If you are still using the Mailbeez Nopurchase Simple module, you want want to consider an upgrade to the premium Nopurchase Advanced module, which offers coupons to customers, tempting them into converting from a non-purchasing to a paying customer!

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