Updating the MailBeez Core System

With Version 3.0 MailBeez contains a comfortable tool to keep your installation up to date!

Update after receiving notification

The integrated version control will notify you when there is a new MailBeez version available. Please click on the notification and follow the steps in the update tool.

The update tool will perform the following steps:

  1. Check server environment
  2. Download new version
  3. Check if all files are writable - this ensures that you won't get a "version mix" with old, not writable files
  4. Backup of /mailhive directory
  5. Write new files (all existing core files will be overwritten)

Upon returning to the MailBeez admin panel, you should see a new notification.

If you are facing issues with the Backup process not finishing, please delete all files that begin appcache_ from the directory /mailhive/common/templates_c on the server hosting your shopping-cart system. With MailBeez Version 3.3.4 the cache is cleaned up automatically.

Update manually

In some cases, it will be necessary to update manually using the update tool.

To do so please add


to the URL of your MailBeez page, so the URL in your browser looks similar to:


then follow the steps for updating the core system.

Update using FTP

The updater is still not doing what it should? You can update "Old-School" style using FTP:

Please download the MailBeez Core System (.zip), to your computer, then unzip.

Next, upload to the server hosting your shopping-cart using FTP.

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