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Advanced Module - Version 3.1 updated 15. Feb. 2017

Order Status Update Notification

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This handy module sends a custom email notification to a customer once an order is set to one or more configured order status.

Optionally, you can configure the module to change the order status to a new status. The order comment, order status name, and order status date can be inserted into the email using a template variable.

The notification email is sent out at the next batch MailBeez email send - it is recommended to set up a cronjob running every minute to reduce the time delay between setting the order status and sending out the notification email. The MailBeez Support is happy to help you in case you have some questions.

Scenarios where this module can be applied:

  • an external order management solution updates the order status, but does not sent any notification email
  • you would like to replace the default order status update email with a custom designed email
  • you would like to automatise processes depending on the order status

Template Variables

Template Variable Output
{$status_date} formated order status date
{$status_date_raw} raw order status date
{$status_id} status id
{$status_name} order status name
{$comments} comments

Custom Email Message

You can build your custom messages depending on the order status using some code

{if $status_id == 3}
   Your order is shipped

Responsive Emails

responsive EmailsIn combination with the responsive template manager you are able to select a responsive email template for this module and adopt it to your design.
You can edit the text without any knowledge of html thanks to the visual editor. What are responsive Emails?

This module is compatible with following shop systems

Gambio GX1

Gambio GX2/GX3

Modified-Shop 1.x

Modified-Shop 2.x


xt:commerce 3

ZenCart 1.3.x

ZenCart 1.5.x

osCommerce 2.x

CRE Loaded 6.x




    • support for preheader
    • PHP7 refactoring



    • added payment method as template field
    • Gambio 2.3 ready
    • PHP5.6 ready



    • CloudBeez ready

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