Get MailBeez installed by a MailBeez expert

How to book the MailBeez Expert Service

To help you get started using MailBeez, we are happy to offer the MailBeez Expert Service, which covers all required tasks (installation, configuration, customization, and move to production). In close cooperation with you, we'll have you up and running with Mailbeez to increase your revenue in no time.

To get started, follow these steps:



Make sure, your online shopping-cart system is supported by MailBeez

Are you using Zencart, osCommerce or CRE Loaded? Great! Please continue with step 2.

Otherwise, check here Overview of supported store systems to see if your system is supported by MailBeez.


Number of Customers

Determine the number of relevant customers in your store

MailBeez subscription plans are segmented by the number of customers you have in your shopping cart system. Amazon-customers with domain are not counted as these must not be contacted by email.


Subscription Plan

Select a matching subscription plan

On you can select the Mailbeez subscription plan which best matches your requirements. Please follow the screen-flow to book your subscription.

The matching Expert service-pack is pre-selected and you can finalize the booking with your payment.

Book now

After payment confirmation, a MailBeez Expert will contact you right away with how to proceed.

More about the MailBeez Service-Pack

We want MailBeez to achieve the best results for you!

When you purchase the MailBeez Expert Service package, within approximately 2-weeks, we will complete the following services:

  • Technical installation of the MailBeez system and the selected MailBeez Pro Plan
  • Definition of a basic email marketing strategy that matches your business (via email and phone)
  • Design of the Main email template using your logo and color scheme 1)
  • Installation and setup of all relevant email templates
  • Configuration of all relevant modules
  • Initial cleanup of your customer data by removing invalid email addresses (if necessary)
  • System "Warm up" through initial monitoring, follow-up, and optimization
  • System Handover - 30 minute online walkthrough of your MailBeez configuration 2)

So you can benefit from more than 6 years of experience with MailBeez - And we know that MailBeez is perfectly configured and can give you our promise of success!

Pays off
or 6 months free

Our Promise

With selecting the MailBeez Expert Service, you automatically qualify for the MailBeez Promise:

The additional revenue generated within 6 months continuous use of MailBeez will cover its costs, or you'll get an additional 6 months of the current subscription level free!

Any questions? Don't hesitate and use the contact form!

1) The configuration options include: header graphic, header menu, button color, text, and footer area. Beyond these we will arrange contact with our partners in the field of Design / Templates
2) Handover is conducted using TeamViewer meeting software. No documentation is delivered.

Summertime! Limited support until 5th of August