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Advanced Module - Version 4.2068 updated 17. May. 2024

Profiling Engine

Under development - The MailBeez profiling engine allows you to add rule-based tags to customer profiles and orders.

These tags can be utilized by other control-modules to control the behaviour and content of email modules, creating rich relationships between content and customer segments. This allows for even more effective targeting of your email campaigns.


  • Tag all customers, who've never purchased product B, with tag "upsell-B"
  • Tag all customers, who've only purchased from category X, with tag "only-cat-X"
  • Tag all orders containing product H with tag "product-H"

Modules utilizing tags are:

  • Profile Filter

    • only send Birthday coupons to customers tagged with "upsell-B"
    • never send a product review reminder to customer orders containing "product H"
  • Profile Content

    • insert upsell content promoting product B in all emails for customers tagged with "upsell-B"
  • Profile Information
    • build custom logic code using order characteristics and/or parameters found in the customer profile.

This module is compatible with following shop systems

Gambio GX2/GX3/GX4

Modified-Shop 1.x/2.x/3.x

ZenCart 1.3.x/1.5.x

osCommerce 2.x API V2

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