requires FTP for installation

modified-shop 2.x

Integration Packs

Using the matching integration pack MailBeez will integrate itself seamlessly into your Modified-Shop 2.0.

Modified-Shop V2.0.0

Modified-Shop V2.0.1

Modified-Shop V2.0.2.1

Modified-Shop V2.0.2.2

Modified-Shop V2.0.3.0

Modified-Shop V2.0.4.2

Modified-Shop V2.0.5


In case you renamed the /admin directory, please move the files from admin/ into the renamed directory

Please start with downloading the matching integration pack. Then unzip the pack and merge the files into the file/folder structure of your Modified-Shop.

Following core files have been adopted:

/admin/includes/column_left.php         // Menue-Item only before V2.0.3.0
/products_reviews_write.php             // Auto-login for product reviews
/inc/                 // Integration with CSFR protection
/inc/     // exclude of mailhive.php calls

In you Modified-Shop Administration > Partner Modules > MailBeez you will be able to activate the integration and finalize the intstallation of MailBeez.

Run Installation

Just click on the new menu item to open the MailBeez Installer:

MailBeez Admin

The installer guides you through the process and stops if there are any issues.

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