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Advanced Module - Version 4.2 updated 04. Jul. 2024

Trustpilot Integration Suite

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For retailers with a paid, or any other Trustpilot account, this Mailbeez module allows you to easily embed Trustpilot reviews on your website, and as embedded content within Mailbeez emails; greatly extending the reach of your Trustpilot investment.

Like many enterprising retailers, if you have made the investment and signed up for a Trustpilot account for your store, you are probably already looking for extra ways to leverage your subscription in order to maximize the exposure of good reviews to help sales; and this is where this module excels.

The Mailbeez Trustpilot Integration Suite effectively gives you the tools to publish your Trustpilot reviews on your website, and within any Mailbeez email via the introduction of a simple tag; greatly increasing review exposure.

Trust at checkout

In addition to the core functionality of the module, creative retailers could also create a secondary template to pull in only a handful of reviews at a time, and display them as snippets on the shopping cart or checkout page. As one of the main areas where a sale is decided upon, and where consequently trust is vitally important, this would be a highly effective, yet simple step to alert your customers to the store’s trustworthiness.

Top features of the Integration Suite

  • Caching of the Trustpilot Rating Feed for fast page loads
  • Template based formatting of the output
  • Unlimited number of different templates for page integration, one template for email integration
  • Selection of ratings to display e.g. “at least 4 star ratings”
  • Random ratings or chronological list of ratings
  • Easy drop-in installation into MailBeez
  • Easy function call for output in the storefront
  • Intelligent handling of incompatibilities and extra fields from the Trustpilot Rating Feed to utilize all information given in the Trustpilot Rating Feed

Getting started

Install and activate the module – configure your RSS feed as described in the Module’s admin interface. You can use the integrated Test-Button to test your settings and check if the RSS feed is correctly imported.

Integrate Ratings into the storefront:

Let’s say you wanted to add the Trustpilot reviews to your ‘Contact Us’ page. In order to do this, you would simply use the following PHP code and place it into the Contact us’ page.

//include class
require_once(DIR_FS_CATALOG . 'mailhive/configbeez/config_trustpilot_rss_importer/classes/trustpilot_import_rss.php');
// create new instance
$rss = new trustpilot_import_rss();
// generate output (template, number of ratings, min stars, shuffle)
echo $rss->output_rss('rss_reviewpage.tpl', 7, 4, 'True');

The included DIV/CSS based template “rss_reviewpage.tpl” generates a default output, which can be customized to match your store’s theme with only a little extra work.

Integrate Ratings into MailBeez campaigns:

By adding a simple tag into your MailBeez template you can also show your ratings in all or selected MailBeez generated emails. Please read more about this on the Filterbeez module page Add Trustpilot Rating.

A real world example..


Page with Ratings – custom design

UK retailer Always Riding has leveraged the power of Trustpilot and the Integration Suite to great effect on their rather nice cycling apparel website. Always Riding’s Trustpilot ratings not only demonstrate the quality of service that they provide, but as the content is harvested and hosted remotely by Trustpilot, there is no question about the reliability, or integrity of the reviews themselves.

The Trustpilot Integration Suite by MailBeez enables Alwaysriding to get the most out of these valuable ratings.

Shopping cart with Rating – custom design

With only minor changes to their storefront, Always Riding now benefits from a comprehensive ‘testimonials’ page, which imports the Trustpilot ratings and displays them on the website.

The shopping cart is also a great area to place Trustpilot reviews, and can act as a key conversion assistant when a customer has questions over a store’s trustworthiness.


The latest ratings are listed on a dedicated page – linking to Trustpilot

However, the store itself is not the only place Always Riding re-purpose the Trustpilot ratings.

Integration into MailBeez Campaigns – custom design

Via the introduction of a simple tag within the email body, Always Riding has spiced up the “Nopurchase – Contact customers w/o orders” Mailbeez module with some nice customer quotes, fed directly from the Trustpilot Integration module.

Of course you can also add this tag into other MailBeez modules and use it in any MailBeez campaign you like.

This module is compatible with following shop systems

Gambio GX2/GX3/GX4

Modified-Shop 1.x/2.x/3.x

ZenCart 1.3.x/1.5.x/2.x

osCommerce 2.x API V2




    • PHP8 refactoring



    • PHP7.4 refactoring



    • PHP7.4 refactoring



    • Gambio GX4 compatibility



    • PHP7.4 refactoring
    • Support for 4.0 Core Framework



    • PHP7.2 refactoring



    • refactoring



    • PHP7.1 compatibility
    • smarty 3.1.31 refactoring to support Gambio 3.7



    • PHP7 compatibility
    • framework updates

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