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MailBeez Premium Modules require a license (certificate) to run. This Certificate is connected to your Store-Domain and only valid for this Domain.

During the Ordering-Process you need to enter your Store-Domain.

For generating a valid certificate for you, it is very important that you enter the exact Server-Domain of your Server.

You find your Server-Domain when you go to:

MailBeez > About

In the lower section of this page you find a red-bordered box titled “Domain for Certification:”

In this box you find your exact Server-Domain, use this exact Server-Domain in the Ordering process.

Certificates for Test-Server

In case you have a test-server where you try everything before you add it to your live-shop you need a free certificate for this Test-Server.

Please enter the exact Server-Domain (see above how to find it) of your Test-Server in the Ordering process.

Certificates for Test-Servers are issued manually after validation – you will receive it typically within 24hrs.

Leave empty if you do not work with Test-Servers

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