Merry Christmas ...and a Happy New Year!

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All the best wishes from the MailBeez team for the upcoming holidays!

We would like to give a BIG thank you to all customers, supporters, users, partners and fans for helping us have a thrilling 2016. We are looking forward to continue delivering powerful ecommerce solutions based on the latest marketing trends, and a good relationship with all users in 2017!

Some Highlights from 2016:

MailBeez Analytics Advanced - Analyse the MailBeez activities

MailBeez is fully PHP7 compatible - when your Store is PHP7 ready as well

Improve open rates with preheaders - get more attention in the Inbox

What you can look forward to in 2017:

We are always working on improving the MailBeez system, so you can look forward to new functionality like:

Tagging System - tag customers and orders based on rules for fine granular personalisation

Improved Template System - Professional Email-Designs with Product Wizard 

...and much more exciting news to come!

What has changed?

Perhaps the most beautiful Changelog of all times provides information on all changes. And thanks to the integrated update function these are applied quickly and reliably!

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