Evaluate the Success of Your Emails

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You know you are sending a lot of emails, but you want to evaluate the success of your email campaigns to understand what’s working and what’s not. MailBeez Analytics, the analytics system of the MailBeez platform, allows you to measure the success of your MailBeez Emails. Now you can get even more detailed analytics for your MailBeez email sends with MailBeez Analytics Advanced.

MailBeez Analytics Advanced

The new Analytics Advanced gathers data from all installed modules and consolidates it into easily readable graphs and lists. Using the familiar metrics found in the Beez-O-Graph dashboard, Analytics Advanced tells you how your MailBeez email campaigns are really performing.


MailBeez Advanced Analytics metrics include:

  • Emails sent, Open rate, Open rate mobile, Click rate, Order rate, and revenue subtotal.
  • Metrics for each installed module that sends emails.
  • Metrics for each email configured within a particular module

What can you do with Analytics Advanced? With MailBeez Analytics Advanced, you can answer questions like:

  • How are our email initiatives performing overall today?
  • Which email in a particular module is the most effective?
  • Which module is performing the best?

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