MailBeez ready for PHP7

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MailBeez is ready for PHP7!

PHP7 brings lots of new improvements, especially within performance. The new PHP7 code runs about twice as fast as PHP5.6!

Many ecommerce store owners have already switched to the new version PHP7 in order to take advantage of the new speeds, thus allowing their online stores to run even faster. But be careful: your ecommerce system must also be compatible with PHP7!

With the ongoing developments of the base MailBeez system and MailBeez Pro plans, the latest MailBeez version 3.5.3 and the Pro plans are now fully compatible with PHP 7. Of course, older versions of PHP will still be supported for a while, however, all MailBeez users should run their shop with PHP5.4 at a minimum for the foreseeable future.

More information on PHP7 and source of the image


The MailBeez basic system and all modules are constantly being improved and developed.

In the changelog changes are logged continuously, so you can easily get an overview of all changes:

Open Changelog

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