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Like most pro-active retailers, you are probably already soliciting product reviews from your customers, and if you have already installed the Mailbeez Review Reminder Advanced module, hopefully you are already seeing an increase in the amount of reviews published to your site. However, there is a prety easy way to get even more reviews, and that is by incentivizing the review email template that you send out to your customers.

Thanks to Always Riding, an online UK based apparel retailer and early Mailbeez adoptor, we have some data that compares their non-incetivized review request email against their incentivised review request email. By using a sweepstake concept that each month offers one lucky reviewer a £25 voucher for the store, Always Riding managed to increase their product review rate by over 15%. Take a look at the graphic below which explains things quite nicely.

Review email comparison performance

Based on these figures at least, incentivising the review mail is clearly a good idea, but that is still only half the story – what happens when customers land on your site to write their review?

If the review process is not easy, or at least clear, you will probably lose your customer’s interest and worse, damage your brand. A great way to avoid this, and to actually smooth the review process is by using the auto login feature in the Mailbeez Review Reminder Advanced module. Acting to seamlessly log your customers into your store once they click through from the review email, it takes away one whole step from the review process, meaning that it is far less likely that your customer will walk away part way through, and will actually complete their review.

So, there we have it – incentivize and smooth, and just like Always Riding, you too can benefit from greater product reviews!

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