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Nice surprice, I found this review of MailBeez:,1040.0.html

Thanks to David for sharing his experiences with MailBeez – they are pretty much inline with my own:

Follow-up emails just work and many customers appreciate e.g. to be ask for their opinion.

The shop I do some work for almost doubled (+ 100%) the order value (compared to any year since 2003) after I introduced the MailBeez prototype in january to ask for product reviews and customer opinion on the independent portal Trustpilot.

Trustbuilding is probably the most important factor to increase conversionrate (turn visitors into customers) and grow your business.

With product reviews visitors gain confidence in your products and with customer reviews (assuming you do your business right and they are positive) visitors get a good feeling to order and turn into customers.

I believe that customer reviews need to be hosted on an external service to be credible and effective – see e.g. the reviews on – otherwise they look easily faked.

On e.g. Trustpilot you are able to respond to eventually negative ratings and turn them to your advantage – you can demonstrate that you care about your customers.

Btw. have you seen the up to 50% discount + trial period you can get on partner fees through MailBeez? By signing up a partnership you support me and you will grow your business. (ok – enough of this for today )

Enjoy mailbeez and keep me up-to-date what is happening. I am looking for show cases so please let me know if you want to be part of it.

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