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Nomination Category: Open Source E-Commerce Applications

This category is reserved for the type of web applications that simplify buying and selling of products on the Internet. This will include complete e-commerce applications or frameworks designed for e-commerce.

E-commerce modules or extensions to other systems can also be nominated – so don’t hesitate and nominate MailBeez for the Open-Source Awards 2010!

Nominate MailBeez here

Deadline: 17th of September 2010

MailBeez started in May 2010 but was downloaded already 1000+ times, has hundreds of installations and many fans. It fills the long-awaited demand for an integrated solution for the most popular OpenSource Ecommerce systems like osCommerce, Zen-Cart, CRE-Loaded, xtCommerce and others to send automatically follow-up email campaings to the customers – based on their behaviour.

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