New: Automated Emails After Product Purchase

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With the latest update of the Professional package, segmentation capabilities of the MailBeez Newsletter Advanced have been extended by an important rule.

The inconspicuous rule "last order before at least (days) ... and highest (days)" now allows you to set automated time-delayed follow-up emails e.g. triggered after the purchase of certain products.

Some use cases

  • Cross-Selling
  • Marketing Information
  • Product Information / Courses
  • Renewal reminder


The following steps are required to create an automated follow-up email:

  1. Create a list of the desired segmentation rules, e.g. Purchased products / categories and time offset
  2. Create a new newsletter based on the previously created list
  3. Set the active period of the newsletter to virtual ”infinity", e.g. 31.12.2099

Whenever a customer purchase fits the segmentation rules you’ve set, the corresponding email will be sent.

Simple, but very effective!

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