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If you do establish trust, you gain a powerful competitive advantage. According to some estimates, trust is 10 times more important to consumers than cost.

That’s why Buyers Rating are important to increase your conversion rate.

Get up to 100x more customer ratings on Trustpilot with using MailBeez.

With the Trustpilot Modules for MailBeez you can automatically ask you customers for a rating on Trustpilot.  E.g. 5. days after you set the order to “Delivered” (status is configurable of course ;-) ) the MailBeez Modules will send a Trigger Email to Trustpilot. Trustpilot will then ask the customer to give a rating – with a personalized link the customer only needs ot write the rating. Done.

Why Trustpilot?

Turn your visitors into paying customers

Take control of your online image

Generate a regular flow of reviews from genuine customers with Trustpilot Business. It requires no special software, just a single email.

Display reviews on your site and create trust

2/3 online shoppers use customer reviews in their decision making process. By displaying positive reviews on your site through Trustpilot, you give them the reassurance they need to complete their purchase.

Display your good customer service in action

With Trustpilot Business you can post instant responses to reviews. A unique order ID linked to every review ensures you’re always dealing with genuine customers.

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