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MailBeez V2.8 released

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Just released the new MailBeez V2.8 – easy updating with the included update-packs.

There have been a number of enhancements and bugfixes (see list below), but the most interesting news is probably the introduction of the MailBeez Analytics Summary Bar, which shows the effect of MailBeez:

Also MailBeez V2.8 is ready for the soon soming BeezDesk CRM, read more on Announcing: BeezDesk CRM with Ticketsystem


  • added MailBeez Analytics Summary View on Dashboard
  • BeezDesk CRM ready
  • improved clicktracker to support rewritten urls
  • improved clicktracker order tracking
  • Framework improvements: integrated firelogger / firephp support, systemcheck
  • added SQL_NO_CACHE to check queries
  • improved email engine
  • improved template engine to remove UTF-8 BOM and marker character in input, if present.
  • added DB index to improve performance


  • fixed minor codeing errors
  • fixed zencart 1.5 compatibility issue
  • fixed issue with currencies class support

As always, for updating download the Quickstart Package and follow the included instructions.

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