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MailBeez V2.8.5 released

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Just released the new MailBeez V2.8.5 – easy updating with the included update-packs.

With MailBeez V2.8.5 the soon coming new released of

  • MailBeez Newsletter Pro V1.0
  • MailBeez Template Manager 2.0

are fully supported. Those new Versions will enhance your MailBeez System with:

  • full support for responsive Emails looking create on big screens as well as on mobiles
  • an intuitive visual Mail-Editor with responsive editing mode
  • Mobile preview simulating Iphone 4+5, Android and Ipads

Also MailBeez V2.8.5 has improved integration support for the soon soming BeezDesk CRM, read more on Announcing: BeezDesk CRM with Ticketsystem


  • improved support for https in clicktracker
  • added support for upcoming pro features (visual editor, responsive emails, mobile preview)
  • dropped support for mailbeez 1.x template variables like “$firstname” (since 2.x {$firstname} )
  • enhanced main template
  • several framework enhancements for improved performance and support for upcoming premium features


  • fixed issue with clicktracker url rewrites
  • fixed character issues in dashboard news widget

As always, for updating download the Quickstart Package and follow the included instructions.

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