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Create target groups in MailBeez

Imagine you could reach out to buyers of certain products and advertise addons through Facebook...

With the latest updates of MailBeez you now can utilize the MailBeez segmentation feature to create custom audiences on Facebook. All matching MailBeez Pro-Users with Newsletter Advanced can segment their customer base with following easy steps:

Create and export segment

Navigate to

    MailBeez > MailBeez Modules > Newsletter Advanced > Edit Lists

and create a new list, e.g. Facebook Product A with Source all customers and save this list.

Then click on Edit Segmentation to build your own segementation, e.g. in field

Products > Products purchased

enter your own "Product A" - just use the type-ahead feature to select the matching product while you type the first characters of the product name.

Save the segementation and click button Test Segmentation to get some examples of matching customers - with a click on the entries the customer insight will open and allow you to validate the segmentation.

Everything looks good? Great, just hit Export Segmentation to export the matching customer data into a CSV file on your computer.

Create Custom Audience

In Facebook Ads Manager go to

Audience > Create New > Create a Custom Audience > Customer File

to import the previously created CSV file.

Facebook will then find accounts matching the imported email addresses and your are ready to create a targeted ad!

In addition you can use the "Lookalike Audience" feature: This allows you to find people on Facebook who are similar to the imported customers.

Currently you need to perform some manual steps to create a custom audience - we are looking forward to get your feedback through the contact button on this page if you find this feature usefull! With enough interest we are looking forward to develop automation features.


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