Live Content Update

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Update of Live-Content Element

Reminder: the live content element allows you to place personalized, dynamich product lists in any MailBeez Email.

Filter by one or more categories

The new category filter is available for the sources

  • Features Products
  • New Products
  • Specials Products
  • Bestsellers Products

and allows you to limit the products to one or more categories. Sub-categories are included automatically.

New Source: Bestsellers

The new source "bestsellers" delivers the store's best-selling products to be inserted into any MailBeez email. In combination with the new category filter you can controll from which category the bestselling products are retrieved. This is usefull to enhance e.g. follow-up newsletters segemented by products purchased which are highly relevant for the customer.

These new features are part of any MailBeez pro subscription. You can insert the live content email within the visual editor clicking on the + symbol.

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