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A large proportion of abandoned shopping carts are unavoidable as consumers never really intended to make a purchase in the first place.

Data from comScore shows that 57% of consumers have abandoned a purchase as they were only window shopping while 56% said they abandoned a transaction as they were just saving items for later.

However the next three most popular reasons for abandoning a shopping cart were all to do with shipping costs.

A separate survey that we conducted last year found that 74% of respondents had abandoned a basket due to high delivery charges, while a survey by Trimble found that more than half of respondents (58%) would choose free or discounted shipping as the main way to improve e-commerce.

The MailBeez “No-Purchase Advanced” Module allows you to contact those potential customers, who never placed an order with a series of emails. The module also allows you to offer discounts on shipping costs as a tool to increase the conversion.

This infographic from Milo highlights more of the statistics on delivery and shipping charges from the comScore survey.

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