IMPORTANT: Newsletter2Go Changes

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Newsletter2Go introduces new pricing

With the introduction of a new pricing scheme there are some news affecting MailBeez User having MailBeez configured to send emails through the certified servers of Newsletter2Go:

Paying Newsletter2Go Customers

No Changes

All paying Newsletter2Go customers have been migrated to the new Standard or Pro plan.

Free Newsletter2Go Users

No more free-ride

Until now MailBeez User have been able to send up to 1.000 emails each months through the servers of Newsletter2Go

Newsletter2Go introduced the new Lite Plan, which no longer supports the integration with MailBeez.

as a temporary solution Newsletter2Go offers one more free month.

Please get in touch with Newsletter2Go Support using Code Name MAILBEEZ2018.

In alternative you can select a different method for sending emails in the MailBeez Email-Engine configuration.

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