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MailBeez Version 2.6 released

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Finally after weeks of work, hundreds of changes and intense testing on selected live sites MailBeez Version 2.6 is ready for download!

MailBeez Version 2.6 is a major release with many improvements like

  • MailBeez Analytics for tracking of open / click / purchases, enhanced Beez-O-Graph with pop-ups
  • Google Analytics Dashboard Integration: see how GA tracks MailBeez Campaigns
  • Optional Bounce Handling (hard/soft bounces)
  • Mouseflow Integration pre-installed (find a coupon for 500 credits in the MailBeez configuration module)
  • MailChimp ready: enhance MailBeez with the MailChimp Integration Module and boost your delivery rate and more

Find the full list on

To upgrade just download the Quickstart Package – you will find and Upgrade Pack for MailBeez V2.5, which only contains core files. So the update is done by uploading these files and folder (replace / merge).

The fresh installation on one of the support platforms is very easy by just uploading the new files & folders and making minor changes to the system.

Some visual highlights are the reworked / new dashboard widgets which give you information about the effect of MailBeez Campaigns:

The Beez-O-Graph shows now open, clicks, orders and bounces – with a drill-down pop-up:

The Beez-O-Graph (MailBeez Analytics)

The new Google Analytics Pie gives you the most important figures from Google Analytics directly in your dashboard:

Google Analytics Campaigns

The Customer-Loyalty-O-Graph gives an indication, how many of your orders are coming from returning customers:

The Customer-Loyalty-O-Graph

As before you can use MailBeez Version 2.6 for free. If you like what you see you can enhance (= more revenue) the System step-by-step for your needs.

enjoy MailBeez!

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