Coupon: Send Reorder Coupon

DISCONTINUED – Please use Reorder Advanced

This Coupon-Reorder MailBeez Module does track to which customer the coupon was send – this allows to send later a coupon-expiry reminder (“only 5 days left to use your coupon”) – that’s how it should be ;-)

This module sends a reorder coupon to customers in a given timeframe after an order.

Like all MailBeez Moduls the email content is taken from a template, the list of products is defined in a sub-template.

The default template for the content looks like this and is very easy to customize:

<img src="$catalog_servermailhive/mailbeez/coupon_campaign/images/coupon.png" border="0" hspace="0" vspace="0" width="128" height="128" align="right" >
<!-- image found on might be protected by copyrights -->
Dear $firstname $lastname,<br>
thank you very much again for your order at $storename.
We would be happy to welcome you again at our store and would like to give you a coupon for your next order:<br>
<blockquote style="border: 1px dotted gray; padding: 10px;">
<b>Coupon-Code: $coupon_code</b><br>
Amount: $coupon_amount<br>
minium order amount: $coupon_minimum_order<br>
Valid until: $coupon_expire_date<br>


sincerly yours,

your email: $email_address[/html]

the email-master template is also defined in a text-file and can be easily customized as well

Default Template


Set Order Status
Set the status of orders to send a coupon

Set days passed
number of days since last order

Set days to skip after
number of days after which do skip the reorder couponl

Choose Coupon
Choose the coupon code as you have configured in the coupon system

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