MailBeez Copyright Remover Certificate

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MailBeez Copyright Remover Certificate, V. 1.1
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This module requires a licence to run. During the purchase process, please make sure to enter the store URL for which you will use Mailbeez, and you will receive this personalized licence with the download information. If you are not sure, please contact MailBeez before placing your order.


Copyright Free Emails

Requires MailBeez V2.5+

Remove the Mailbeez V2.5 copyright footer from Mailbeez free module emails, and white label your brand’s marketing strategy.

Since its inception, Mailbeez has been pleased to support young, email curious retailers with a selection of free to use, highly useful modules that provide the stepping stones towards a more comprehensive email marketing strategy based on the increased functionality of the Mailbeez premium modules at a later date.

Whilst Mailbeez is fully committed to continuing to provide a selection of stripped back free to use modules, with the release of V2.5, Mailbeez has introduced a simple Mailbeez copyright footer that will appear in any email generated from a free module.

Whilst this copyright area is unobtrusive, you may wish to purchase the Copyright Remover Certificate module which, once installed, will remove the Mailbeez copyright area from your free module’s emails, effectively white labeling your campaign.

Alternatively, upgrading to the premium version of a free module will automatically remove the Mailbeez footer for future emails.

Paid modules are white-labeled by default!

Premium modules are of course unaffected, and need not make, or request any changes to their systems, as their email campaigns are white labeled by default.

Fast & Easy Installation

Simply upload a few files to your MailBeez installation & you’re all set! No configuration is needed. It just doesn’t get easier than this!