MailBeez Launch the ReferralHoney eCommerce Email Marketing Plugin

February 22nd, Denmark – eCommerce email marketing provider Mailbeez today released the ReferralHoney customer referral module for osCommerce compatible eCommerce stores and variant systems. ReferralHoney motivates existing store customers to refer friends or family to the participating eCommerce website, rewarding them when one of their referral group makes a purchase; a cycle which truly makes every customer a potential marketeer.

Leveraging the power of personal recommendation, ReferralHoney emails a personalized coupon code link to each customer after they have placed an order in the vendor’s eCommerce store, which they can then share with friends, family or co-workers, in the knowledge that if one of their contacts places an order with the code, they will automatically receive a store reward. Within the initial referral email, store customers also receive a link that takes them to their own coupon code page hosted on the store’s website, a page that they can share with their contacts on Facebook, Twitter, a blog or personal website.

A true fit and forget, fully automated and intelligent system, at its heart, ReferralHoney uses a store’s inbuilt coupon system alongside the Mailbeez framework to create the basis on which codes are created, tracked, rewarded and ultimately emailed to the participants. Relying on this coupon functionality means that there is nothing to install apart from the module itself, and absolutely no tracking code to add to the front end of the store’s website.

Where other referral systems are hosted remotely from the vendor’s store and often charge a percentage for each successful referral, ReferralHoney instead allows the store to administer the system within their own eCommerce admin, so not only is precious store data kept safe with the vendor, but there are no fees, commission rates or costs associated with the ongoing use of ReferralHoney, other than of course the initial purchase cost of the module.

About Mailbeez

Mailbeez gives you the tools to create fully automated & personalized eCommerce Email Marketing campaigns, easily administered from within your store’s existing admin area. Whether you are looking to automate product review requests, create a multitude of intelligent coupon campaigns in order to win back older customers & reward loyalty, or perhaps alert fans of a particular brand about new products, Mailbeez has a module for you.


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