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Whether you are new to Mailbeez, or an existing user looking for additional modules to expand the reach of your email marketing strategy, this is the place to be. Once you have some modules installed and want to be sure you are always running the latest version, it’s a great idea to subscribe to the Mailbeez newsletter, which you can do at the top of this page.

TIP: Use the integrated ‘Version Check’ within your MailBeez Dashboard to compare your module against the latest version release, and also to see additional modules available for installation..

MailBeez Campaign Modules
Filter & Helper
Configuration Modules & Add-ons
Dashboard Modules & Add-ons

Having issues using the MailBeez CloudLoader? Download the MailBeez Core and install yourself using FTP:

MailBeez V3.2.2 Core, V. 3.22

Core-Package loaded by MailBeez CloudLoader installer / update.
Contains latest version of CloudLoader.