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Important: ReferralHoney Sharepage link fix

The Facebook-Button on the ReferralHoney Sharepage stopped working – looks like Facebook has changed its javascript API. Bugfix: open mailhive/mailbeez/coupon_referral_honey/templates/sharepage_german.tpl.html find around line 55 <a type=”button” name=”fb_share” share_url=”{$fb_share_url}> find $fb_share_url replace with $tw_share_url_real Background: Previously the $fb_share_url needed to be urlencoded, now it MUST not be url encoded. The Variable $tw_share_url_real contains an “real” version of the sharepage URL.

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Config Cache not updated


When all your Pop-Up windows in the MailBeez-Admin look like this: Your probably have installed a config-cache which is not updated – clear your config cache and please let me know which function-call to add in the admin-area to clear the cache when updating config-values. Background: The content of the pop-up windows is generated in “catalog/mailhive.php” in the storefront. Since …

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