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Totally Awesome

Automated eCommerce email

Mailbeez gives you the tools to create fully automated &
personalized eCommerce email marketing campaigns,
easily administered from within your store’s existing admin

Whether you are looking to automate product review
requests, create a multitude of intelligent coupon
campaigns in order to win back older customers & reward
loyalty, or perhaps alert fans of a particular brand about
new products, Mailbeez has a module for you.

Totally Awesome
Working hard to

Increase your store's revenue

Once you fire off that despatch confirmation email and wave so long to your customer until their next visit, you have to ask yourself, when exactly will that be?

Mailbeez takes the guesswork out of the picture, and gives you the automated tools to proactively engage with your customers, all with a rich suite of email modules that run from within your store admin.


the MailBeez customer referral system

ReferralHoney is a fully automated customer referral system for the Mailbeez framework.

Customers refer friends or family to your store, and get rewarded when one of their referral group makes a purchase, a cycle which truly makes every customer a potential markeeter.

New Customers
Take control of your

Customer Life Cycle Management

As an e-commerce retailer, communications with your customers
will often be solely through email. When you send a nicely
presented welcome email, a birthday reminder or even
product review requests, you are managing your customer’s
life cycle; which, at the most basic level, is what Mailbeez
helps you to control and develop.

Mailbeez unlocks your store’s greatest asset - its customer
base, allowing you to drive sales and maximise revenues
across the life cycle of your customers.


Control from your Store admin area

Mailbeez is managed, configured and controlled from right
within the existing admin area of your shopping cart system;
an environment you are no doubt already very familiar with.

From initial setup, testing, right through to checking how many
emails have been sent and how well Mailbeez is performing
for your store, the Mailbeez dashboard displays everything
in an easy to understand layout.

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Supported Shop-Systems

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How to Start
Step 1

Get started

Download and Install the free MailBeez Framework

Once set-up and configured, MailBeez will run automatically to reactivate old customers or even find new customers - based on the installed campaign modules.

The installation is simple, and requires only small changes to a couple of files.

Step 2

Choose your MailBeez

Design and build your own Communication strategy

Create your automated communication strategy, or just get inspired by great, readymade MailBeez modules installed in minutes.

Expert users can even build their own modules and deploy them quickly.

Step 3

let them work

Customize, Configure and let it run automatically

Configure and customize MailBeez to your needs.

Once you have finished tweaking your emails and have configured the settings, turn Mailbeez to Production mode, and begin your Mailbeez journey.

  • Edelstahlwellrohr

    More revenue without much effort:

    "At first we were a little skeptical, but thanks to the great support of cord and the great features of MailBeez we are really excited now and don't want to miss this module anymore. You can also track how wonderful MailBeez works and what its real return is ... and all this without much effort."
    Franziska Kern read more
  • elektro4000

    after 6 months with MailBeez:

    "more revenue and customer loyalty without much effort– great!"
    Michael Hagen read more
  • Underwear-Shopping

    Underwear-Shopping increases revenue using MailBeez:

    "With Mailbeez you can deploy e-mail marketing concepts very quick an easy - and at a fair price. The revenue increased by about 3-4% according to Google Analytics."
    Guido Bernhardt read more
  • Alwaysriding

    Learn how generates more revenue with MailBeez:

    "Already we can see that Mailbeez is significantly adding to our revenue, and as a small business frequently obsessed with gaining a percentage here and there, I would say it is an essential system for any online store."
    Pete Harrington read more
  • Svetila

    MailBeez is generating personalized customer life-cycle emails in 6 languages:

    "MailBeez really saves my time, and my customer relationship management became even better. "
    Stane read more
  • Stickerland

    Stickerland increases revenue by 4.7% (Google Analytics) with MailBeez

    "Since we’ve been using Mailbeez, store revenue has increased by 4.7% according to Google Analytics."
    Dennis read more
  • Flowerservice

    Flowerservice is enhancing their customer communication with MailBeez

    "Mailbeez takes a lot of work out of our hands and Works great!!"
    Henri read more
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